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Defective Tires Are Extremely Dangerous to Motorists

Defective tires are often found to have caused traffic accidents that result in someone’s injury or death. Tire failure may result from faulty tread, other manufacturing or design defects, or even inadequate maintenance, storage, or repair. In early 2015, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company issued a recall of over 48,000 tires after discovering that the tread on tires of certain 2015 Buick Enclaves, Chevrolet Traverses, and GMC Arcadias was susceptible to cracking, increasing the risk of pressure loss, tire failure, and vehicle crashes.

Defective tires and other auto components have the potential to cause serious injury and death. The Killino Firm’s car-accident and defective-products lawyers have extensive experience with cases arising out of injuries and deaths caused by motor-vehicle defects, including a product-liability action that led to the recall of 450,000 defective Chinese-manufactured tires. If you have been injured or one of your loved ones has died as a result of a traffic accident caused by a defective vehicle, contact The Killino Firm for more information about your legal rights and options.

Who Can Be Held Legally Responsible for Accident Injuries and Deaths Caused by Defective Tires?

When a tire fails before a crash and thereby causes a crash—and is determined to have done so due to a design, manufacturing, or warnings defect (as those terms are defined in products-liability law)—the tire manufacturer and others in the chain of the tire’s production and distribution may be held strictly liable for consequent damages suffered by injured victims or deceased victims’ survivors. While a plaintiff need not establish that any of the defendants in a strict-liability products-liability action was negligent in producing or distributing a defective vehicle, the plaintiff must show that the defect existed when both the vehicle sale and accident occurred and that the vehicle was being used as intended or reasonably expected to be used at the time of the accident.

Tires are required to be manufactured in compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and may be found defective as a result of non-compliance with any of these regulations (including FMVSS No. 139, of which the recalled Goodyear tires were in violation). Even when a vehicle or vehicle component has been designed and manufactured in strict compliance with current industry standards and applicable regulations, however, the vehicle may still be found defective in a personal-injury or wrongful-death products-liability action if it is determined to contain a defect in its design, manufacture, or warnings that renders it unreasonably dangerous for consumers’ use.

Obtain Legal Assistance from The Killino Firm, P.C.

The Killino Firm has received national recognition for its aggressive pursuit of justice on behalf of people who have been injured as a result of defective cars and other motor vehicles. If you have been injured or one of your family members has died due to a traffic accident caused by a defective vehicle, The Killino Firm can help you secure the compensation to which you and your family are entitled.

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