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Truck Accident Lawyer West Palm Beach

If you’ve been in a truck accident and need a lawyer in West Palm Beach, please contact Killino Firm at 561-835-9898. Killino Firm is the aggressive and experienced law firm you’ll want in your corner if you have been injured.


Too often, catastrophic and permanent injuries are the result of a truck accident. In addition to injuries, many victims of truck accidents die at the scene or later at the hospital or in their home. When a truck accident is caused by the negligence of a driver or the driver’s employer, one or both may be found liable for the victim’s injuries or death.


In either case, you need proper representation in a court, to make sure that you get a fair settlement for your injuries, or for the death of a loved one. The experienced truck accident lawyer from Killino Firm in West Palm Beach knows what it takes to win your case.


You should know that there is legal liability for truck accidents that cause injuries and death. Truck accidents are often caused by the negligence of a truck driver, the negligence of another driver involved in the accident, or a defect in the truck or another vehicle. Accident victims may also die or suffer enhanced injuries as a result of defects in safety equipment installed in the vehicles occupied by victims at the time of a crash.


Every driver on the road has the duty to exercise reasonable care for the safety of other drivers and occupants of vehicles with whom they share a road or highway. This includes the essential duty to obey all traffic laws and rules of the road and any applicable regulations. The violation of federal regulations related to the safe operation of truck, for example, can be found to be negligence that causes an accident victim’s injury or death. That’s why you need a truck accident lawyer in West Palm Beach who knows the law.


Failure of a truck driver to obey any traffic law or rule of the road may be determined to constitute negligence on the part of a driver, if the violation was a cause of an accident victim’s injury or death. If the violation satisfied both the duty and the breach of duty elements of a negligence claim, they may be held accountable for injury or death.


It is the duty of the plaintiff to establish that the violation occurred, that the violation was the cause of the victim’s injury or death, and that the plaintiff suffered legally compensable damages due to their injury or death. In the court of law, truck drivers have been found to have negligently caused injury and death by driving at illegal speeds, driving while fatigued, driving inattentively, driving for too long without a break, or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


If you’ve been injured in a truck accident and are dealing with injuries, wondering how you’re going to pay your bills or take care of your family, and don’t know where to turn, call Killino Firm’s truck accident lawyer in West Palm Beach at 561-835-9898. Ask for a free case evaluation for your claim to determine what your next best course of action should be. 





Truck Accident Lawyer West Palm Beach

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